Phone Apps and Websites

The following are Bible Quizzing apps and other apps/websites that help with memorizing verses.

Bible Quizzing Apps

NOTE:  The Andriod version is a little clunky.

Teen Bible Quiz App for Android (1 and 2 Corinthians) – $4.99
Teen Bible Quiz App for iOS (1 and 2 Corinthians) – $4.99

Bible Memorization Websites – Free (Also has an app – see below)

Bible Memorization Apps

Remember Me – Free (Bible Memorization App For Android)
Scripture Typer – Basic Version for up to 50 verses is free.  Pro Version is $10


Memory Verses

Memory verses are a great way for new quizzers to get into teen quizzing.  There are 86 memory verses this year, which is a lot.  So I suggest you start during the summer and learn as many as you can.  The list of verses is your portion, or you can find the list below.  If you want to do memory verses, then talk with one of the coaches and we can help you get started.

Memory Verse Resources: